Cairo QRT


2012 Group Photo


The Cairo QRT was formed in 1983 with 8 members and are a licensed, non-transport, first responder squad.  The team responds to all medical calls via 911 and also assists the fire department at structure fires or when needed 24/7  365 days a year.   Currently, the team has 15 members, 5 of which are from the original team.  Two members are licensed instructors, 5 members  are National Registry and state licensed EMT’s, 5 state licensed EMT’s, and 5 who are first responders. All members are trained in advanced CPR, and in the use of AED’s.  Many have also been trained in advanced airway management.  When called upon, members respond in the Cairo QRT truck, which is a modified Ford Chassis with a work box that contains many tools they are trained to use in order to keep the community of Cairo and its residents safe.


The Cairo QRT responds to approximately 60-75 calls per year, averaging about 310 hours of call time per year.

Total combined time for training of members per year is approximately 400 hours.

Approximately 100 hours of truck and equipment maintenance, and 140 hours of meetings are spent each year.


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