Village Council

The Village of Cairo Council is made up of 5 elected officials, including the chairman and 4 voting Council members.

The Council meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the village office.

Other Boards

Gathering Place of Cairo exists to serve those in our town and the surrounding areas who are over 60 years of age.  We provide congregate and home delivered meals M-F and seek to connect individuals to services and activities to enhance their lives.  Meals are provided by Midlands Area Agency on Aging in contract with The Medina Street Vault.  

Site Supervisor: Tracy Bowers

Site Council: 

Marv Roth, President
Christy Osburn, Secretary
Chanel Osburn, Treasurer
Verne Hickok
Cliff Jewell
Kathy Baasch
Ashley Schultz
Mandy Schweitzer 

Determined to carry the Cairo Community into the future by providing a safe and secure option to create a financial legacy through philanthropy.

Please visit the Foundation website at

Located in Cairo, and serving the communities of Boelus, Cairo and Dannebrog, the Community Food Pantry exists to serve all of those in need.  Our mission is to meet the food needs of our community by providing Food Box pickups twice monthly as well as a fully stocked pantry available to those who need by appointment.  

Food Pantry Coordinator:  Jessica Morris

Mandy Schweitzer, Chair
Julie Nitsch
Barb Robertson
Peg Lemburg
Christy Osburn
Jaime Rathman
Kim Dibbern
Heather Hadenfeldt
Dave Baasch
Jennifer Hadenfeldt
Lisa Wright

Village of Cairo

Connect with Staff

The Village of Cairo office is located on 402 S. High Street in the Fire Hall. 

The office is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  The office is closed from noon – 1:00 pm.

City Clerk / Treasurer

Jaime Rathman

City Clerk / Treasurer

Christy Osburn

Utility superintendent

Cornell Pollock


Park Superintendent

Steve Oseka


Village of Cairo

Connect With The Board


Gordon Sorensen

Board Member

Matt Bellamy

Board Member

Mark Johnson

Board Member

Jason Johnson

Board Member

Michael Dibbern

The governmental functions of Cairo, Nebraska are provided and coordinated by the Village of Cairo Council, which comprises five elected officials. The planning and zoning jurisdiction for the Village of Cairo includes an area within one mile of its corporate limits, pursuant to Nebraska Revised Statute § 17-1002, as follows:

(1) Except as provided in section 13-327, any city of the second class or Village may designate by ordinance the portion of the territory located within one mile of the corporate limits of such city or Village and outside of any other organized city or Village within which the designating city or Village will exercise the powers and duties granted by this section and section 17-1003 or section 19-2402.

(2) No owner of any real property located within the area designated by a city or Village pursuant to subsection (1) of this section may subdivide, plat, or lay out such real property in building lots, streets, or other portions of the same  intended to be dedicated for public use or for the use of the purchasers or owner of lots fronting thereon or adjacent thereto without first having obtained the approval of the city council or board of trustees of such municipality or its agent designated pursuant to section 19-916 and, when applicable, having complied with sections 39-1311 to 39-1311.05. The fact that such real property is located in a different County or counties than some or all portions of the municipality shall not be construed as affecting the necessity of obtaining the approval of the city council or board of trustees of such municipality or its designated agent.

(3) No plat of such real property shall be recorded or have any force or effect unless approved by the city council or board of trustees of such municipality or its designated agent.

(4) In counties that have adopted a comprehensive development plan which meets the requirements of section 23-114.02 and are enforcing subdivision regulations, the County planning commission shall be provided with all available materials on any proposed subdivision plat, contemplating public streets or improvements, which is filed with a municipality in that County, when such proposed plat lies partially or totally within the extraterritorial subdivision jurisdiction being exercised by that municipality in such County. The commission shall be given four weeks to officially comment on the appropriateness of the design and improvements proposed in the plat. The review period for the commission shall run concurrently with subdivision review activities of the municipality after the commission receives all available material for a proposed subdivision plat.