If You Are Older Than 0 and Younger Than 150 You Can Buy Your Sunday Lunch at the Cairo Senior Center on July 21

Some people were surprised that anyone, regardless of age, could buy Sunday lunch at the Gathering Place formerly known as the Cairo Senior Center. The Gathering Place is a great option for Sunday Lunch. If you are 9, 29, 37, 45, 53, 64, 71, 88, 93, 104 and any age in between you can get the wonderful chefs at the Gathering Place to make your lunch on Sunday. This service is provided once per month.

This month’s featured meal is pork chops, browned parsley potatoes, green beans/slivered almonds, lettuce salad, fluff salad, roll, & desserts. This is one giant home-cooked meal. Meals are just $9 per adult, $4 for kids 6-12, children under 6 eat free.

This is a dine-in or carryout meal. Just stop by the gathering place from 11 am to 1 pm on June 21st. Some other menus offered in the past include ham and roast beef. The Gathering Place is getting pretty well known for its fried chicken. The Gathering Place offers this service typically on the third Sunday of the month. Mark your calendar!!!

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