How You Can Help

Over the last few days, we have seen unimaginable flood damage in the Dannebrog and Wood River communities. The destruction caused by flooding will take a long time to heal and many hands to help with the healing process. We have also seen people coming together to serve others in amazing ways. Numerous people are reaching out and asking, “how can we help?” There are opportunities to volunteer for clean up and safe places to donate funds. Below are a few of the ways you can help.

If you are willing to provide a monetary donation, the Grand Island Community Foundation has set up the Central Nebraska Disaster Relief Fund. Contributions can be made online.

We are cooperating interactively with various other community foundations across the area, dovetailing our efforts in order to ensure that you have the opportunity to target your donations to the specific hard-hit communities of your choice.

Grand Island Community Foundation

Other community foundations are managing funds in for other communities in peril.

For Kearney area donations, visit the Kearney Area Community Foundation.

For donations to the Merrick County area, visit Merrick Foundation.

For donations to the Custer County area, visit Custer County Foundation.

The Dannebrog and Wood River communities are providing excellent information on what they need on their Facebook pages. Please consult those pages so you can fulfill their needs.

For information on Wood River’s needs, visit the Wood River Fire and Rescue Facebook Page.

For information on Dannebrog’s needs, visit the Dannebrog, Nebraska Facebook Page.

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