Cairo Community Center
Saturday, March 18, 2017
4:30 PM – 8:30 PM

 The Cairo Volunteer Fire Department is holding its annual Smorgasbord again this year.  This festive fund-raiser features a two-meat buffet of roast beef and ham. Au gratin potatoes, baked beans, and assorted salads.  [Special note:  The roast beef and au gratin potatoes are prepared using special recipes and preparation styles which have brought satisfied smiles over the years!]

The thirty-member Fire Department works together to prepare and serve this dinner.  The preparation begins several days prior to the event.  Teamwork and cooperation is necessary to assure that all the details addressed.

The Smorgasbord has been in existence for over 50 years!  A couple of our members have been a part of it for over 40!  During that time, the Cairo community and surrounding neighbors have looked at the Smorgasbord as a time to “Get out of the house and see the neighbors again.”  It creates a spirit of community and goodwill for all.  Throughout the years and average of 750-1000 people have been served.

There is plenty of room at the Community Center so no one ever feels rushed to leave.  There’s always more coffee.

The proceeds for the Smorgasbord go towards the purchase and upkeep of new fire-fighting and extrication equipment.  Over the years special tools (hand tools, nozzles, hoses, a jaws-of-life, a power piston, hydraulic air bags, communication equipment, etc.) have been purchased.  Often, the funds are used in conjunction with the City Board, the Fire Board, and various grants/donations to maximize purchasing power.  It is vital for the Department to continue to have upgraded, dependable tooling.

In 2016 the Department personnel contributed over 1400 man-hours for fire calls and training.  The members dedicate two evenings per month for formal meetings in addition to the calls.  They are committed to being of service.

Please mark the calendar for this special event.

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