*************Firemen’s Smorgasbord:  MARCH 18

Spear-headed by Captain Nathan Knuth, the Cairo Volunteer Fire Department has acquired a Support Command Vehicle and trailer for its fleet.  The 2003 Chevrolet Silverado Truck was received from the Nebraska Forest Service and will be stationed in Cairo and remain unless a major disaster would require the NFS to recall the vehicle temporarily.

The truck is equipped with the communications equipment necessary to allow it to be a command vehicle in the field.  It carries four passengers and is used as a utility vehicle for transport of Department members and equipment to various functions, such as classes, trainings, and special events.

The vehicle will also be used to pull the Department’s newly acquired trailer.  The trailer provides excellent versatility.  It houses the compressed-air supply tanks used to re-fill the portable air packs of the firefighters.  It also carries the equipment for grain bin extrication.

Equipped with heating and cooling apparatus, the trailer allows sanctuary against the elements for the firefighters while in the field.  It provides a stable location for emergency first aid or a rest area, as well.

The trailer contains appropriate radio equipment so those in the trailer can be in constant communication with the remainder of the team and/or other emergency personnel during operations.

The usage of the truck was a result of successful collaborations between Nathan and the Nebraska Forest Service.  The trailer was provided through private funding, memorials, the Cairo Village Board (normal budget process), and the Cairo Rural Fire Board.

CVFD team members provided painting, decals, and identification items.

Thank you, Nathan and team, for your excellent work to make our Department more effective through your creative efforts.

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