Tana Zentner Seeks a Review of Village Poultry Ordinance

Are you interested in raising your own sustainable food? Has the thought of backyard chickens crossed your mind? Think of it your own fresh eggs, mmm!

The village of Cairo considers backyard poultry as a nuisance, as written in ordinance 2-402. The popularity of backyard chickens has made its way to Nebraska. Many cities and villages are amending ordinances to meet the need of their constituents. Hastings amended their ordinance 2 years ago and have had no issues as of date.
Fowl make great wonderful backyard pets. They make great 4H and FFA projects for a small parcel of land.

I am proposing that the village board amend the current ordinance to allow backyard fowl. I am looking for others in the village that is interested in supporting this change.

I have posted a signature sheet on the bulletin board at the post office to sign if interested.

I am listing a review that goes over pros and cons.

Thanks, Tana Zentner

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