Glock Detasseling Hiring Now!!

cornfieldGlock Detasseling is a well-respected company among the seed corn industry.  it has been successfully operating since 1993 to include crews from Grand Island, Centura, Wahoo, Lincoln, Waverly, Elkhorn, and David City.  We employ over 700 young adults while working with Petersen Farms, Syngenta and Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

Wages start at $9 per hour based on age and experience.
Add $1.00 for each year of experience with Glock Inc. and wored 75% of the days the year prior.

Detasselers from out of the GI area will be paid 1 hour travel for the day.

Bring a copy of your Social Security Card and/or Birth Certificate

Sign Up meeting for Centura May 2nd 6:30 pm

Questions can be directed to:

Troy Glock – 402-237-9291

Cory Bohling -308-379-0285

Shane Fernau – 308-440-0844

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