DSC00176The Cairo Rural Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Smorgasbord Saturday evening at the Cairo Community Center.  Approximately 500 neighbors and friends attended to enjoy the food and fellowship, and help support the Cairo RVFD.

Several tributes were made, also.  Dick Heckman, a pillar in the community, was recognized for forty-six years of service to the Department.  Ron Woitaszewski was recognized for thirty years of service and his work coordinating the many rural water supply locations (pivot points) for immediate and emergency use. The rural water supply concept has been invaluable over the years.

New Firefighters recognized during the evening were Ben Johnson, Kody Knopik, and Melinda Whitefoot.  Cadets included Blaine Gaschow and Brennan Stebbing.

Another very noteworthy moment was the recognition of those organizations and private donors who made it possible for the new trailer that houses our compressed air supply and grain bin recovery tools. It also provides emergency temporary shelter during inclement weather.

Those contributing organizations include the Dunlap Foundation, and the Cairo Community Foundation.  Significant private donations came from the Randall Harder family, the Shirley Johnson family, and the Earl Knuth family.  Together, their love and support made this very valuable vehicle a lasting tribute and service to the community.

Raffle winners included Delmar Eggers, Willy Packer, Malorie Dettmen, and Cindy Brown.  Grand Prizewinner was Judy Kemptar.

The food, fellowship, and fun made the evening a night enjoyed by all.


Thank you, Friends and Neighbors, for your generous show of support.  We’re in your corner.

Cairo Rural Volunteer Fire Department.

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