Centura Penny War for Solon Borglum Historical Marker

Centura Student Council  Penny WarsThe Centura Student Council is having a Penny War with grades 7-12 to generate money for the historical marker along Highway 2 honoring Solon Borglum.  Mrs. Gross’s 8th grade class have begun to read the book about him entitled, “Secret Brother:  The Story of Solon Borglum, “Sculptor of the Prairie”. The author of the book, Jean Lukesh, gave a presentation to the students in December at Centura.  It was at that time the students became interested in having a fundraiser for the marker.

With Penny Wars, the students can bring any type of money, however pennies will count as positive points, but silver coins or paper money will count as negative points.  Students will be allowed to put money into any grade’s container.  The grade that wins will be the one with the most amount of positive points and receive a pizza party.  Ken and Deb Harders, from the Cairo Historical Society, are sponsoring the pizza party.  A container will also be available by the gate table the first week of February for Conference Basketball, as well as during Parent-Teacher Conferences at the school on Feb. 10-11.

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