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grocery store sterring commitee

The Village of Cairo was contacted by representatives of Bosselman Pump & Pantry as a result of articles published detailing Cairo’s drive to develop grocery options in the community.  The committee recently met with Bosselman representatives and discussed the results of the survey.

Pump & Pantry has envisioned future stores termed “Generation 3” stores, that might provide fresh produce, canned items, a full kitchen for quick, easy meals, and grocery items.  Bosselman informed the grocery store committee of their plans to remodel the Pump & Pantry’s existing location in Cairo to create the Generation 3 concept.  Concepts include made to order pizza, rotisserie chicken meals, specialty sandwiches, hamburgers, take-home meal platters, a limited selection of fresh produce, meats, grocery staples, and more.  A secondary entrance in the rear of the building is planned, as well as changing the hours of the store to 24 hours. Discussions are also in the works for the adding of a national quick serve concept at the location.

The committee conveyed the needs of the community by providing input detailed in the comments section of the survey.  The committee also shared concerns the community had related to parking and easier access to the entrance for our senior citizens.

The committee will continue to maintain an open line of communication with Bosselman Pump & Pantry regarding services that fit the needs of the community determined by the survey, and Pump & Pantry will continue to keep the committee informed of their plans.

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