Junk Jaunt t-shirt

Junk Jaunt Update

Junk Jaunt t-shirt
This is Cairo T-shirt idea!!!!

There are currently 85 registered vendors for Junk Jaunt 2014.  The vendor booths at the North Ball Field are field.  Vendor locations at Christ Lutheran Church are still available but filling quickly.  If you would like to register as a vendor please click here.

Cairo will be represented from 9am to 9pm at the Nebraska State Fair, Tuesday August 26th.  Please stop by the booth to say Hi if you are at the fair tomorrow.

Cairo Junk Jaunt is in search of volunteers to man visitors center booths.  The booths will pass out maps, share our social media connections on Facebook and Twitter, sell t-shirts and passports and provide general information for the 20,000 people who visit Junk Jaunt.  If you are interested in volunteering a few hours at a visitor booth please contact Charity Adams at 308-379-9119

Cairo is introducing  a Cairo Junk Jaunt passport program to increase awareness of location in the community, raise funds for future events.  Junk Jaunt visitors can purchase a passport card, punch their card at various locations through out town.  When all locations have been punched passport holders will drop the passport in a registration bucket.  Completed passports will be drawn for a $100 cash prize, t-shirts, and Nebraska Junk Jaunt coffee cups.





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