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Junk Jaunt Changes for 2014

junk jaunt at cairo10 years ago Walt Sorensen helped start Junk Jaunt.  Walt currently holds a position on the Junk Jaunt board.  He has also served as Cairo’s Junk Jaunt coordinator from the beginning. Junk Jaunt originally started with 150 booths and has grown to nearly 600 booths with 20,000 visitors who travel the Junk Jaunt route.   Walt has worked very hard to build Junk Jaunt into what it is today.  He made Cairo one of the largest stops on the jaunt, which loops around highways 11, 91 & 2.  Walt is stepping down from his position as Cairo’s Junk Jaunt coordinator to focus on sales in his own booth. Thank you Walt for the many hours you put in to make Junk Jaunt a great success.

Kim Hostetler will be Cairo’s Junk Jaunt coordinator for 2014.  She is already receiving registrations for 2014 booth space.  If you have rented booth space to vendors in previous years and would like to do so again please contact Kim to list your booth space as available.junkjaunt@cairocommunity.com or 308-380-5066

Cairo is adding new areas for vendors at Christ Lutheran Church and Robinson’s field behind New Hope school.  More vendor locations means better parking for everyone who attends Junk Jaunt.  Entertainment, open air church services, Cairo specific maps and t-shirt sales are just a few of the additions being planned for the 2014 junk jaunt.

You can find information about booth space registration at junkjaunt.cairocommunity.com

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