Lamya Luckey Benefit








Lamya Luckey is the daughter of Renee Luckey and Dustin McCord.  She is a 6 year old Kindergartner at Centura and was diagnosed with a brain tumor on April 8th.  She had the tumor removed on April 10th at the Children’s Hospital in Omaha.  She is currently in rehabilitation at Madonna.  This turned out to be a Medulloblastoma, meaning a cancerous tumor.  Lamya will be going through radiation 5 days a week and chemotherapy 1 day a week, for 6 weeks in Omaha.  Then she will have approximately 6 weeks off and will start her 1 1/2 year of chemotherapy in Omaha.  With Renee unable to work, the trips to Omaha and lodging will cause financial difficulty for this family.  There will be a community fundraiser for Lamya on Sunday May 19 from 5-8:30 pm at the Cairo Community Center with grilled hamburger & Hot Dog meal.  Donations are also accepted at all Pathway Banks.

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