Please fill out surveys!

The Mayor’s Steering Committee for Community Development in coordination with The Center for Rural Research and Development (CRRD) from the Universityof Nebraskaat Kearneyis conducting a Community Needs Assessment Survey that area residents received last week. It is critically important to the community that residents complete and return the survey as soon as possible.

The survey information will be used to identify projects that will meet the needs of our community, prioritize those needs, and provide information to pursue funds for community projects.

 The questionnaires were delivered April 17.  If you have not received one please contact theVillageofCairo.  You will be provided with a self-addressed return envelope to ensure privacy.  This envelope can then be mailed, dropped off at the Village Hall drop box, or Pathway Bank’s drop box. 

 It is of vital importance that all questions are answered for potential grant eligibility.  To maintain confidentiality, no one will see your completed questionnaire. The Center for Rural Research and Development inKearney will open all the envelopes, enter the survey data, and provide data analysis.  The Center for Rural Research and Development will present the findings at a Village Board meeting in June or July. 

 Your cooperation and assistance in this process will be greatly appreciated. If you have questions about this survey you may contact Village Hall at 308-485-4400 or Shawn Kaskie, Director of the Center for Rural Research and Development, at 308-865-8135 or email him at


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