The Village of Cairo is in development of a Library.  The project is unique because of its partnership with so many entities working together to improve lives in Cairo.

New Hope Christian School is located on Hwy 11 in Cairo, Nebraska.  The school has operated in the same location for more than 40 years.  Its enrollment has increased, they need a new building.  Working with the Village of Cairo, New Hope School will exchange their current building with the school for property located at the Cairo Community Center.  When the new school is built, Village of Cairo will receive the school current building to become the Cairo Library.  The School does not need a full time gym and will, on occasion use the Community Center building for physical education during bad weather.

The increase in students at New Hope means the opportunity for more traffic to our businesses.  New Hope School also assists in the support of the ABC Childcare center.  New Hope school purchases lunches from the nonprofit child care center insuring a revenue stream for the center.